Pyrotechnic Special Effects.

Welcome to pyrotechnic special effects, a microsite covering pyrotechnics, explosions, strafing sequences, body and blood hits, bullet and squib hits, fire and flame effects for film and tv. Mention special effects and everyone thinks of explosions, but this is a fraction of what is expected from a special effects department. Explosions often appear as one large bang! but running large pyrotechnic effects as smaller, controlled explosions milliseconds apart minimises shock waves and ground vibration. This prevents structural damage to surroundings, improves safety and allows for creativity within the explosions themselves.

We've invested £20k in computer controlled firing systems to get millisecond timing, and digital encoded remote firing boxes for pyrotechnic special effects that can't be wired. We can use this with high explosives, tiny squibs, or on air systems when safety concerns rule out pyrotechnics. We have self-contained personal hit boxes too, using compressed gas or air mortar systems. We've created 'silent' visual explosive effects for a chinese cracker sequence in Wild Target filmed outside the National Portrait Gallery, where loud noises where prohibited, let alone explosive bangs!

  • To my SFX Crew - what a job you did under the toughest conditions! A great success! Thanks and all the best.
    Peter Weir - Director | The Way Back
  • Coriolanus looks truly amazing, it's going to be something to be very proud of!
    Kevan Van Thompson - Producer | Coriolanus
  • In just over 12 hours we were able to accomplish what was scheduled as 3 days of large-scale explosions in 28 setups. Jason and his crew are to be congratulated!
    Chris Landry, 1st AD | Mirrors
  • Thank you very much for the sterling job! Wind machines, sandstorms, blood rigs, arrow, etc. all worked very well and we've got the film to prove it!
    Jan Marnell, Producer | Arn
  • Thank you so much for all your help on Downton, it was great to work with you at last. Ed did a great job for us. I look forward to working with you again.
    Nigel Marchant, Producer | Downton Abbey

Agog Special Effects Services.

If you're thinking of a pyrotechnic special effect, be it a tiny test tube explosion, multiple bombing runs, terrorist explosion sequences continuing into controlled burning environments, squib hits, body burn special effects or vehicle crash and burn sequences, we'd really, really like to help and not miss out on all the fun. Please. Pretty Please.

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